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3 Cleaning Habits To Keep Your Home Fresh and Tidy This Spring


A clutter-free and clean home ushers peace both in your surroundings and your mood — explore the cleaning habits that work and keep your environment forever tidy!


There are things you do every week (maybe, maybe not) that lead to a cleaner, healthier home. Things such as vacuuming the crumbs from the couch cushions or dusting the living room. And while these things are important no one can really tell they’ve been done, but then there are those that if left undone, will create complete and utter chaos and disorganization!

At B1 Ranch, tidiness stands right next to interior design — a clean, organized home is at it’s best when it the clutter ceases! Explore the cleaning habits to establish a home that is inviting and harmonious.


Stress-Free Living Begins With Cleanliness


It’s amazing how a surrounding space can impact our mood — a chaotic and cluttered space makes us feel anxious, while a tidy and kept space helps us feel calm. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself, or read more about it here.   

So, where do you begin?

You begin with some very practical and easy cleaning habits and implement them daily.


Put your shoes away, right away!


You may think you don’t have very many shoes until you look at your closet and realize what should be in there, is strewn all over your house! Tripping over all your shoes is never fun and can even be inconvenient when you need a specific pair and cannot seem to find them.

When you get home, make it a practice to put your shoes away whether that be in your closet or in a shoe bin in your hallway. Your home looks and feels so much better when there are not a million shoes out and about.


Fold and put away your laundry.


Laundry, better yet, unfolded, wrinkled laundry that is piled in the corner until you wear it next is bain of most people’s existence. And, get this, there is a solution!

Fold and put away your laundry after every load!  

Once your laundry is dry, use the laundry basket (only for transport) and fold or hang your laundry.

When you do this, you avoid the piles that inevitably occur — a pile of clean laundry and a pile of dirty laundry! Get those piles of clothes off the floors, it just makes everything look better!


Do your dirty dishes.


Yep, we’re hitting on the dishes — what almost all couples fight over. There are two people in a relationship — those who do the dishes and those who don’t!

If you’re the person who doesn’t do the dishes, save yourself and your relationship and do them!

Keep the sink clean and empty by washing your dishes as you cook and then one final wash after all is said and done.

When you wash dishes right away it keeps your kitchen significantly cleaner and only takes a couple of minutes. If you wait, things can get caked on and then you have to scrub, which takes more time and just makes the process a whole lot harder.

So, if you want things to be simple, just do the dishes!

So, what do sliding barn doors have to do with it?

If you’re in a small space or just want to make your home look chic, sliding barn doors are a great alternative! Things look clean and tidy and can elevate your home’s aesthetics!


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