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Decorating Outside of The Lines, Because It’s 2019!

Some decorating rules are useful, and there are some that need to be put to bed for good!

Creating a home aesthetic is like living art and most of us enjoy putting our personal touch on a new home or a space we’re renovating, but are there decorating tips that have rendered themselves irrelevant?

At B1 Ranch, sliding barn door hardware is the design aesthetic we add to your home — we elevate and enhance your sliding barn door to help fuse and solidify the style you’re looking to create. Follow along in today’s post as we explore home design that perhaps can be avoided to make room for more exciting and expansive interior decoration! 

Home Decorating Design: Where We Are 

When it comes to your home personal style is at the forefront, so if you love vinyl floors and floral wallpaper in every room, that is your prerogative — we’re just here to give you permission to decorate outside the lines and try something different...if you’re so inclined! Below are decorating tips you can think twice about!

Staying within the style lines.

When it comes to interior design, people think they have to play within the lines of design style and this is so far from reality! Yes, a dedicated style will help keep your home within the flow and guide your decisions, but it can also be a hindrance, leaving you uninspired.  

Instead, approach your decorating with shifting and dynamic processes — you don’t need to follow one style hard and fast. If you love the straight lines of modern yet the warmth of shabby chic, find a compromise!

Don’t be too stuffy.

Sure, we want our homes to be clean and kept, but there is a fine line between formality and functionality — the more a room feels stuffy and untouchable, the less inviting and more cold and stuffy it feels.

Keep in mind, if you’re living in a museum-quality home, you’re borderline psychotic! No really, it’s important to incorporate a little warmth to prevent the room from feeling too uptight.   

Have a plan for your layout.

This is where detail-oriented people can thrive! When others just haphazardly place furniture in a room, a person who loves details meticulously plans and places furniture strategically — and this is a great thing!

Planning a layout will help the flow of your home, and as a result, the design aesthetic. Avoid an unruly walking area or make an awkward furniture arrangement in a conversational area.

Break out of being brand loyal.

Have you ever walked into a home and you feel like you’ve suddenly been transported to an Ikea showroom? There is nothing wrong with sticking to one brand — it’s ideal because you can get most everything in one place, but it does leave you vulnerable to being a living ad for the company.

Instead, try a couple of different brands that fit into a similar design aesthetic to create a varied, more personal home touch. 

Create a classic design with sliding barn doors! 

There may be many things to avoid while decorating, but sliding barn doors are not one of them! Create a modern or rustic look with the right door and stunning hardware from us. 

To learn more about our sliding door hardware, reach out today!