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Doing Rustic Chic Right: Rustic Home Design

Implement a rustic home aesthetic that is equal parts modern and classic country!

A rustic aesthetic is sweeping the interior design space, but what exactly defines a rustic home style? Rustic charm gathers all of the warming natural and raw materials such as wood, stone, and metal, and fuses them into a comforting mix that welcomes and begs people to come in and unwind in the country magic.

It’s quirky, personal, and an authentic portrayal of nostalgia — of simpler days that ask us to take pause. Rustic design is classic and only continues to gain popularity in our homes.

At B1 Ranch, our sliding barn door hardware ushers a vintage, rustic look that complements and enhances any home. If you have rustic chic on your mind, join us in today’s post as we explore ways to add design touches here and there to create a beautiful, rustic home design. 

Make Rustic Design Work For You!

There are many components that tie rustic design together, so consider adding a few of the ones we talk about below!

The Colors

Rustic design is famed for the colors it implements — you’ll see a lot of pastels such as robin egg blue, canary yellow, and varying white pigments. You can stick within this realm, or you can add your own twist with your favorite colors.

If you love chartreuse, perhaps a couple of picture frames or stools in this color. Or, if you love a deep purple, paint trinkets or get jeweled hardware in this color.

The Furniture

You cannot do rustic chic without a naturally rugged and deconstructed feel when it comes to the furniture — nothing is polished, perfect, or pristine! The reason why so many love rustic design is because it’s not overdone or stuffy, it is, instead, real, authentic, and genuine.  

A key feature of rustic furniture is upcycling — taking an old piece, likely vintage, and giving it a rough facelift. The furniture is one-of-a-kind, making every piece personal and a unique feature in their home.

Where do you find rustic pieces?

You can acquire your favorite pieces by combining garage sales, antique stores, and even thrift stores! Wood is the gold standard when it comes to rustic materials, so you can never go wrong!

Rustic Sliding Barn Doors

If you’ve created the perfect color palette and have procured the best of the best rustic furniture, how can you elevate your design even more? With a rustic sliding barn door of course!

Sliding barn doors are extremely versatile and can be adorned in a variety of areas beyond just the closet or bedroom door. There are many companies who specifically sell restored barn doors ready for home use. Equally important to the door you choose is the barn door hardware, and while there are a variety of styles, cast iron is a stunning choice because it leads with character and wistfulness.

Rustic design comes with its own unique features with pillars in the colors and the furniture you choose, modern rustic implements sliding barn doors drawing inspiration straight from industrial and vintage, with a contemporary country living.

Embark into a rustic design aesthetic with a sliding barn door and a fresh twist on hardware with designs from us! Shop our inventory today!