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Find a Purpose for an Interior Barn Door

Surpass the idea that a sliding barn door in just for a bedroom — let’s expand and find a purpose for your interior barn door that awaits!

Sliding barn doors are both aesthetically alluring and an innovation to home decor. They perfectly meld function and style that instantly adds a character to your home. So, if you’ve been in the market for an interior barn door but have no idea where you would put it, we have plenty of ideas for you!

At B1 Ranch, our interior barn doors complement your home and stir a bit of a whimsical nostalgia that only comes from hand-poured cast iron. Take a moment with us today and learn about all the places interior barn doors can augment and elevate your home.

Barn Door Design — Room-By-Room

 We’re here to help you find a place and a purpose for installing a sliding barn door and its respective hardware. There’s not a room that can’t accommodate the style and ease a sliding barn door heralds. Below we’ll explore each room and even some fun, uncommon places these doors can go! 

Sliding Barn Doors: Kitchen

 A sliding barn door in the kitchen is one of the most common places you’ll find them. Don’t shy away from putting a barn door in your pantry, because it looks phenomenal! If you’re looking to mask your canned and dry goods, a barn darn covering the pantry is the gold star! Not only will it reverberate style but it can also be multi-functional.

Choose a door with a smooth outer finish and coat it in a chalkboard paint — here you can keep a grocery or chore list, or just a space for everyone to doodle!

A metal barn door is also a fun option because they are magnetic, creating additional space to hand all the goodies such as invitations, pictures, and report cards!

Sliding Barn Doors: Bathroom

If one or multiple of your bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom, a sliding barn door is the perfect addition. It covers and gives the privacy needed, yet easily can be left partially opened to create a warm and airy ambiance.

A barn door is also a great option if you have an expansive jack and jill bathroom with linen closets. These doors add style and make your master bathroom a refuge.

Sliding Barn Doors: Living Room

If you have a studio apartment or live in a hip industrial space, a sliding barn door can help create the illusion of separation and privacy. Better separate your living room and kitchen space or even consider hanging double barn doors to cover your entertainment center.

Sliding Barn Doors: Bedroom

Another quite common place for sliding barn doors are in the bedroom — people are installing fun, double-doors with a latch as the entrance and covering closets. Closets are a place for utter disorganization, so if you’re in need just being able to not see the clutter, consider a barn door for your closet.

Sliding Barn Doors: Laundry Room

If you have a laundry room (aka laundry closet) you need sliding barn doors! Oftentimes these laundry nooks are unsightly, and let’s face it, we all know it’s a laundry room and not a closet! Create a disguise by hanging oversized fun and funky sliding doors. It will manifest a unique style and fool anyone into thinking it’s anything but the laundry room.

Sliding Barn Doors: Fun, Yet Miscellaneous!

Apart from their traditional spaces, there are many fun and miscellaneous places to install interior sliding doors. The best part is you can get creative — let us know where you’re hanging your barn doors! Below are just a couple of ideas to get your wheels turning!

Wine cellar - If you’re a wine enthusiast or sommelier, while you likely want a temperature-regulated room, sliding barn doors are the grand gesture! Charm and delight your guests as you pull open the double, sliding barn doors and meander into a decadent bottle of your favorite red!

  • Theater entrance - Do you have a home theater? Surprise and delight your guests with a pair of barn doors that whisk them into a space where their imagination can come alive.
  • Man cave - Invest in a deep and dark sliding barn door and install it to cover your most sacred space — the man cave! Just picture yourself smoking a stogie and enjoying a whiskey neat behind these doors!
  • Kids playroom - A playroom is a fun area where they get to let loose and run wild — sliding barn doors are the antidote — they contain and control the otherwise chaos of what’s going within its doors!

As we’ve explored, there is a purpose for sliding barn doors in just about every space! So, where will you hang yours?

To find the perfect sliding door for your dwelling, peruse our collections today!