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Give Yourself Some Elbow Room: Big Space Hacks For Small Spaces


Home space-saving hacks are a dime a dozen, but you won’t want to miss these clever and innovative tips!


If you’ve landed here, you’ve likely seen the sea of Google search results when it comes to space-saving hacks in small areas. They’re not uncommon because people are still looking for ways to tangibly make a small space their own.

At B1 Ranch, we understand that space is a commodity these days as cities grow bigger as apartments and homes get smaller! Follow along in today’s post, and get a good start on how to make your small dwelling space work for you!


Get Spacious


Having a small space requires you to get clever and innovative in how you decorate and organize to create a home that is inviting and a place where everyone wants to be.

Let’s explore the hacks that can help create some major space!

Go high!

Some of the most untapped space in a dwelling is that space towards the top, so utilize it. Begin by adding shelves near the ceiling. Here you can add items such as books, plants, and even some chic knick-knacks to decorate the area. This space is for things that you don’t use on a daily basis, thus being stored high. It frees up space in your closets and other rooms for more pertinent things!

Get Organized

If you have a small desk/creative area, cords can get out of hand. You have a charging cord, an ethernet cable, HDMI cord, etc, so many that it can easily become your worst nightmare but a great play area for your cats!

Nip this awaiting disaster by clipping binder clips to the edge of your desk and threading the cords and cables through each one — it organizes the cluttered chaos and helps create a clean, chic area.

Pro tip: Clean and chic areas make things look bigger and more inviting!

Ditch the bulky furniture.

No one loves a big, plush comfy sectional more than us, but if you’re in a small space, it’s got to go! Trade the bulky for a more modern and minimalist option. Apart from a smaller couch, chairs are a great option to add seating and can be easily transformed into something stylish with pillows or a bold coat of paint.

You can also use these same great chairs in as floating pieces from your dinner table to additional seating.


Sliding Barn Doors


Do you know what can add instant style and room? Sliding barn doors! Install this virtually anywhere in your dwelling to create literal and physical space — it’s not just an illusion! The bedroom and bathroom are the most popular options, but we’ve seen sliding barn doors hung in an open concept home as room dividers.

There will always be ways to create more space in a small area — what are your best space-saving hacks?


For more information on our sliding barn door hardware that looks fabulous in any sized space, connect with us today!