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The Only Guide You’ll Need in Barn Door Designs (Part One)

Because the perfect sliding barn door makes the difference!

Barn door Design — they’re everywhere — from the latest design shows to popping up in your favorite swanky downtown restaurant. Pinterest has dedicated pages and if you like to snoop on Zillow or Houzz, you definitely can’t escape them there!

They are a multi-purpose interior aesthetic that fuses design and function beautifully. Their applications range from closets, living rooms, pantries, and bedrooms, and when carefully chosen, they will look so chic.

Looking for quality barn door designs? Get them when you partner with B1 Ranch! If you long to escape big-box decor, they have a sliding barn door for you ready to be hung! Join us in today’s post as we venture straight into choosing the perfect barn door design in your home.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors and You

There is something about interior design that, when done correctly, ushers a sense of comfort and peace. It’s inviting and beckons you to relax and enjoy that second cup of coffee or gather inspiration to write a book.

Interior sliding barn doors are the gateway, and perhaps an art display if chosen correctly.

So, it ends here. Below you’ll have what you need to elevate your home's interior! 

The Barn Door

The barn door design you choose is arguably the most vital component. What kind of design are you looking to exude? Rustic, contemporary, traditional, or farmhouse? Each and every barn door design is different, so pair it to the aesthetics of your home.

You can find sliding barn doors in big-box stores, but their inventory is limited. Do a little research and support a small business in your endeavors.

Barn Door Aesthetics

It’s also important to consider what’s the overarching design of your home. Is it craftsman with substantial and ornate wood detail or are you living in the suburbs where a more traditional approach was taken?

If you need to match the door to an already existing wood stain, talk with the company and ask them if their doors are stainable. Or, if you want something unique, ask if painting the door is appropriate. Finding a supplier that carries both standard designs and fully customizable sliding barn doors can be helpful in finding the perfect door.

For example, a beautiful craftsman style door looks amazing and can be crafted to be oversized to cover a lounging nook — its width is 48 inches (standard doors are roughly 32 inches) so it’s big, bold, and serves as a charming statement piece.

Barn Door Materials

The material of your door will also play a role in the look you’re trying to accomplish. More modern options that circulate big-box stores are MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is a wood product composed of both hard and soft wood that create panels under high pressure and temperature.  

If you’re looking for a solid wood sliding door, maple, mahogany, pine, fir, and oak are all amazing and stunning choices.

The Glass Component

We know sliding barn doors are trending, but what is trending within this trend is glass. People are loving to add glass panels — whether it’s frosted and put over a pantry or a modern twist on french doors — this is the direction sliding barn doors are going.

Other materials are also beginning to emerge in barn door design, and leather and other resin inserts are being crafted.

Barn Door Color

Another popular option that homeowners love is barn door design with a pop of color — accentuate any space in your home with a vibrant sliding barn door that can’t be missed.

In farmhouse interior design, monochromatic white is a key color. Mixing it up with a red or blue barn door gives your room something special — and you can use it as a key piece to add accents around the room in picture frames and throw pillows.

A sliding barn door is far from just a door — when you get the style, material, and color right, it’s your biggest ally in making your house a home.

So, draw in and welcome barn door design today!

Stay with us (this is only the first part) and continue the conversation where we’ll dive into barn door design hardware.

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