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The Only Guide You’ll Need in Barn Door Designs (Part Two)

Beyond sliding barn doors there is the hardware — and it’s just as important to get right as the door itself!

Sliding barn door hardware, does it really matter to the overall aesthetic design? Not having clever barn door hardware is essentially like getting dressed up for a grand ball and not accessorizing — your look is left incomplete. So, do yourself (and your sliding barn door) a favor and spend some time choosing the right hardware — it only heightens the draw to your home. At B1 Ranch, we procure and craft high-quality sliding barn door and the hardware that adorns them. Style your home with a barn door design that stirs, and venture into the second part of this series, barn door hardware.

Interior Barn Door Hardware

If you’re a details person you understand the intricacies of barn door hardware — is the decision keeping you up at night yet? And, if you’re not, this guide to barn door hardware will be perfect for anyone looking to go in-depth about the hardware. How do you choose the right hardware for your new sliding barn door? Just like the barn door design itself, you have to consider many of the same components — such as the color, size, and design of the hardware pieces.

Sliding Door Hardware: Color

Everything tells a story of the room in question and the sliding barn door is a chapter, bring everything together and consider all of the design nuances — from the color of the walls to the furniture, it all will play into your barn door design. Once you have chosen the perfect barn door (see our first post here), you’ll begin the adventure in choosing the hardware. Look around and see what sort of tones and color accents there are — do you love copper or bronze, and will it fit in with the other things you have in the room? A couple of considerations for your hardware color… IF you have a lot of earth tones such as golds, pinks, browns, and beige, THEN opt for a darker earthy tone to better contrast and bewitch your room. IF you have neutral colors such as white, gray, blue tones, and red tones, THEN opt for black hardware. Pro tip: Get the darkest color in brown and black — sometimes when you choose brushed metals or a cheaper version, they look aged, but not in a good way. The black or coffee color may look rustier or like a faded gray.

Sliding Door Hardware: Size

Because traditional doors on hinges are standard, we all sort of know what to look for and how to choose them. Sliding barn doors, however, are a bit different. You need to know exact measurements — how much of the opening the door needs to cover and the distance you need to be able to slide your door from side-to-side. For example, if your opening is four feet wide, you should have at least four feet to the left or right of the actual coverage and eight feet of hardware. And the same goes for a double-sided door — ensure both doors can be separated to the right and left to be out of the opening completely. There may be many instances when your sliding barn door will be oversized and it may even be a design that you want, no sweat! As with a more traditional sized door, ensure it can move them with ease to the right and/or the left. Pro tip: If you have a required customized hardware size, buy a larger size and ask if the supplier will cut it to a specific size. This may save you time and energy from trying to find an exact size right off the shelf, and most companies will accommodate you and cut the size you need.

Sliding Door Hardware: Design

This is the part that everyone can get into, it's the fun and exciting design part! The rollers are the part of the hardware that you see and come in a variety of designs. They come in sleek and chic designs, to more ornate and complex arrangements — there are designs to fit every home aesthetic out there. Pro tip: For durability and longevity, search for cast iron hardware.

Hardware Collections From B1 Ranch

From the beginning of sliding barn doors and their hardware — 1995 for B1 Ranch — we have cultivated barn door design with precision and lovely home aesthetics. Each piece of hardware is hand-poured cast iron from Oklahoma. Our hardware graces the lines of farmhouse and antique aesthetics, available in colors such as vintage rust, industrial black, weathered gray, and farmhouse white.

If you’re ready to dive into the space of sliding barn doors, we’re the gateway! Connect with us today!