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The Ultimate Guide To Installing Sliding Barn Doors


A sliding barn door is a wonderful option to prompt privacy in a chic and modern way!


A sliding barn door is a fresh, updated way to not only save space but to add a design aesthetic that thrives in every style of home! Installing a sliding barn door may seem daunting, so we’ll break it down into digestible, DIY steps for a door you’ll love!

At B1 Ranch, we craft the leading sliding door hardware that is anything but mediocre. There is hardware you can find in big box stores that is mass-produced and something everyone has, and then there is our hardware that is meticulously made with an unwavering quality you can count on! Get your tools ready and let’s dive into installing sliding barn doors in today’s post!


Before you install the barn door of your dreams…


There are a couple of handy tips and tricks to consider before you begin your barn door installation.


A great sliding barn doors begins with quality hardware. Think about it — doors are high-traffic areas in your home, and when you’re constantly opening and closing them you need hardware that can weather the wear and tear.

Sure, it may cost a little more upfront, but it’ll extend the longevity. We’re proud of the quality and durability of our sliding door hardware, find it here!

Pick the perfect space.

It’s important to recognize before you install a sliding barn door that there is enough space to accommodate it. You need at least enough space as the width of the door to open and close it.

Pro tip: Ensure there are no outlets, vents, windows or light switches that will be covered when the door is open.

Now that we’re equipped with a few pointers, let’s move on to the installation.


Step 1: Have your hardware ready-to-go!

 At this stage, you should have a support mount and your sliding barn door hardware ready. When you partner with us, a complete sliding barn door hardware assembly comes with the following:

Sliding barn door track

Set of two hangers

Rail complete with a stain-grade board for attachment

Installation screws included in packaging


Step 2: Finish your track backboard.

When you partner with B1 Ranch for all of your sliding barn door hardware, the standard track is 70”, but is easily customizable if you require a different length. This track is fully assembled and mounted on a stain grade board. All you need to do is paint or stain the board to match your interior. 

Again, it’s important to emphasize that the track length needs to be twice the width of the door so it can open completely.


Step 3: Locate you studs (not just the good looking men in your life!) 

Using a "stud locator", mark the studs along your door wall. 


Step 4: Hang the track.

You are one step closer to your sliding barn door! In this step, level your pre-mounted tack and drill screws into the studs. This step is crucial to get right, which means a level will be your best friend.

A level track equals a level sliding barn door. If the track is either too high or too low in one area, the door cannot slide properly and you’ll have to redo this step.


Step 5: Attach the sliding barn door hardware.

According to the manufacturer's instructions, attach the hangers to the track and then hang the door to the track. Because the door is heavy, it is suggested that you have a couple of people help hang and attach the sliding barn door.   

BI Ranch Tip: We have a guideline on the back of our hanger hardware so you can't mess up! 

The Design Eloquence of a Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door is a quintessential design piece to the modern home — it is a perfect fit for most design aesthetics and it can save a lot of space. While the door may be the focal point, it’s the accessories — sliding barn door hardware — that completes the look.


For the leading sliding barn door hardware crafted and carefully scrutinized over all the fine details, partner with us! Shop our sliding barn door hardware today!