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Why Invest in a Sliding Barn Door?

Interior sliding barn doors are gracing more and more homes — but with all the interior home decor to elevate your home’s aesthetics, why choose this?

While most of us don’t own barns, the sliding barn door trend has been gaining traction with no signs of slowing down — there’s not one home improvement show or company that isn’t touching on this trend.

So, what’s all the fuss with sliding barn doors and why do we love them so much?

At B1 Ranch, we love sharing our love for sliding barn doors and the creative home design they accomplish. Avoid big box stores that are often stuffy and predictable, and take a moment with us today as we explore why a sliding barn is worth the investment.

...Because Pinterest Tells Us Life is Not Complete Without a Sliding Barn Door!

Let’s face it — these, vintage yet modern, doors are beautiful and there is no disputing that. But, what persuades a homeowner from transitioning from a traditional latching door to a sliding barn door? Let’s dive into this below.

Small space? No problem!

If you’re in a quaint bungalow hugging the California hills in Topanga Canyon or on the 12th floor in a NYC apartment high rise, a sliding barn complements small spaces beautifully.

Traditional doors need a good amount of space to open and close, requiring a certain amount of space in front of them; just think of the space you could save and get creative with if you had sliding doors. Suddenly, you can envision a small office or self-care space where a door used to be.

Maximize every inch of space with a sliding barn door.

Effortless installation.

Sliding barn doors look amazing, and people tend to avoid them because they look complicated to install — this is one of the biggest fallacies of a sliding barn door — they’re actually quite easy to install. And, if you’re building or renovating your home, it actually makes the construction easier because there is no need to frame a door — you simply anchor the door to the wall!




Safety first!

Sliding barn doors can actually be a safer option for growing families and families with young kids. With traditional doors, it’s easy for little hands and fingers to get stuck or accidentally shut, but with sliding barn doors this accident can be avoided. Not only can these doors glide easily across their tracks, but you also have the option of installing what are known as soft closers that protect further against squished hands, fingers and toes!

Elevated home style and design!

Sliding barn doors, while versatile and functional, look amazing in just about every type of home. They span far beyond country and farmhouse chic, and now there are a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors to accompany any design aesthetic.

Create a sliding barn door theme throughout your house such as all dark wood, or make every room stand out with its own door — either look will only add to your personal vision and style.


A sliding barn door is great for creating a privacy barrier between rooms, but they can be used for many things.

If you’re in a studio apartment, hang a series of doors as an alternative to walls — it separates the space and looks very chic.

A sliding barn door is a wonderful alternative to traditional doors, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You could also create a little reading nook and install some doors to create a cozy space for you and your family to curl up in.

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